Monday, May 7, 2018

DEG of the Week! (May 7 - May 11)

Starting This Summer!

We know it's hard to keep focused on your career when the sun comes out and summer takes over! So, to try to keep you all focused we have come up with a new weekly post: DEG of the week! In case you haven't visited Career Zone online or in centre, DEG stands for Degree Exploration Guide.

We keep DEGs in the resource centre and online for every program.  DEGs outline a list of common career options from a degree as well as degree specific skills. Also, DEGs offer various links to help with job and volunteer search in that chosen field! Who wouldn't want one of these for their program?

Each week we will be choosing one Degree Exploration Guide to focus on more in depth and welcome all students to come and learn about the different programs here at Brock!

DEG of the Week: Medieval & Renaissance Studies 

Our DEG of the week this week is Medieval & Renaissance Studies (MARS)! This program is an exciting interdisciplinary program that grows each year in population and oppurtunity. It focuses on the Middle Ages and Renaissance and allows students to study the magnificent art and architecture, the great literature, and the fascinating history of the period!

Career Options:
  • Anthropologist                                             
  • Artifact Conservationist          
  • Exhibit Designer
  • Heritage Research Assistant
  • Human Rights and Equity Officer
  • International Relations
  • Museum / Art Gallery Curator 
  • Parliamentary Assistant 
  • Script Writer for Film Industry 
....... and many more!

Degree Specific Skills:
  • Attention to detail
  • Articulate abstract concepts
  • Discover common ground among diverse points of view 
  • Listening while clarifying, paraphrasing and questioning 
  • Place events in historical context 
  • Question common practice and assumptions 
  • Think analytically, independently and creatively 
  • Write clearly: summarize, synthesize, revise and edit 

Do these skills sound like yours? Maybe you should take a look at what courses in Medieval & Renaissance Studies are offered this upcoming Fall through the link below!

Local Relevant Organizations:
Here are some of the places a graduate from Medieval & Renaissance Studies might be found employed now

  • Canadian Anthropology Society
  • Ontario Archaeological Society
  • Ontario Museum Association
  • Niagara Historical Society Museum
  • St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre
  • Welland Historical Museum 

Looking for more information? You can find it here!

Archaeological Institute of America                                 Medieval Organizations and Societies                                         

Canadian Society of Medievalists                                    Royal Ontario Museum Employment                                

Cultural Career Centre Ontario                                        Society for Medieval Archaeology                                           

Thanks for reading and check back next Monday for another DEG of the week!

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