Thursday, September 28, 2017

2017 - 2018 CareerZone Team

It's a new school year and we would like to officially welcome all new and returning staff to CareerZone. Take a look through this blog post to see the friendly faces that will be helping you with all of your career-related questions! 

Career Assistants:

Program: Political Science with a minor in labour studies!
Favourite Career-Related Experience: was when I volunteered at a summer camp for three weeks because I got to spend my days working with young kids who were always so energetic and fun to be around!


Program: Business Economics
Favourite Career-Related Experience: is my position as Plus Programs Assistant.


Program: Sociology major concentration in Criminology
Favourite Career-Related Experience: One of my favourite career related experiences was working for the Niagara Region within the Human Resources department as a student assistant. This experience was a great opportunity, that enabled me to make valuable connections and further my skills and knowledge in relation to human resources. Working for Brock University parking services as an office assistant has also been another favourite work experience of mine, which has increased my involvement within the Brock community and enabled me to become one of the many faces of Brock.


Program: Business Administration
Favourite Career-Related Experience: My favourite work experience was working in Residence last year. I made some great friends and really enjoyed doing my job!


Program: Labour Studies (co-op)
Favourite Career-Related Experience: My co-op placement this summer was by far my favourite career related experience. I worked at an Employment Ontario Centre as a program facilitator for a program called Youth Job Connection Summer. During this experience, I worked closely with 60 high school aged youth in my community facing barriers to employment and matched them with summer jobs. It was such an amazing and rewarding experience to see how the participants progressed over the summer, and to see the impact employment had on their lives.


Program: Labour Studies and Psychology
Favourite Career-Related Experience: My favourite career related experience has to be gaining the opportunity to work with the amazing folks within the Career Education department. I love being surrounded by passionate individuals who relish in the chance to see students succeed.


Program: Political Science
Favorite Career-Related Experience: would be my summer student position at the YMCA of Niagara Employment & Immigrant Services. I'm from out of I'm from out of town so staying in Niagara for the summer gave me new opportunities and kept me busy adventuring in my free time! As a foodie, I definitely got to taste every single ice cream parlor on Clifton Hill. My position itself introduced me to a great team of co workers and really helped me find my career path for after Brock. I hope this year I can help students finding theirs too!

Senior Career Assistants:

Program: Honours Psychology with co-op.
Favorite Career-Related Experience: was learning about and then utilizing different technologies to assist in learning for children with learning disabilities


Program: Honours Medical Science
Favorite Career-Related  Experience: Being a Career Assistant has been one of my favourite career experiences. I've really enjoyed getting to work with students on campus and develop so many skills I can apply to future positions. It was great to be involved in the brainstorming, planning and facilitation of some aspects of staff training too! One of my other favorite positions was being an Au Pair in Italy! It was definitely challenging, but I got to experience so much culture and learn a bit of a new language.


Program: Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Psychology
Favorite Career-Related Experience:  having the opportunity to work for the Canadian Deafblind Association. Everyday is a learning experience and the position pushes me to not only be the best version of myself but also helped me in deciding my next steps to reach my desired career.

Lead Career Assistants:

Program: Business Administration                          
Favorite Career-Related Experience: was working as an accounting assistant over the past summer. I got the chance to work on many interesting projects across various departments which taught me valuable skills and developed my understanding of how firms operate in an international market.


Program: Bachelor of Accounting
Favourite Career-Related Experience: Meeting students from across numerous faculties and departments and learning more about their career experiences

Full-Time Staff

Title: Supervisor, Career Education
Favorite Career Experience:  My current job!  I get to work with great people and watch them grow and develop!

Title: Career Consultant
Favorite Career Experience: the day I realized work can be fun!

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