Wednesday, August 17, 2016

4 Tips for Social Media in Job Search

Some may beg to differ, but social media is great. It's prominent in this generation and allows us to connect with friends, family members, and other individuals all around the world. There are plenty of benefits to having these outlet and if used properly, social media can be incredibly useful for job searching. Here are 4 tips to enhance and protect your online presence:

1) Have "The Talk" With Your Friends
I get it. You've had some crazy nights out and maybe you didn't realize that your friends were documenting your shenanigans. You take a look online the morning after and see you're tagged in 8 different posts. You figure that employers won't see, so you assume it won't matter, right? WRONG. Don't let it slide. Any pictures online that were not uploaded by you CAN be deleted. Kindly ask your friend to remove the picture, untag yourself, or report the content if needed. Employers spend a lot of time online looking up current or future employees, don't jeopardize possible opportunities.

2) Keep it Consistent
There are so many social media platforms, and the number seems to only be going up. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, it's easy to keep each channel different. Instead, try to keep it as consistent as possible. From your profile picture, to the actual content you share. This will give employers a general idea of your background, interests and values.

Never, I repeat, NEVER, bash employers,coworkers or organizations on social media. Even if you no longer work there or with that person, posting disrespectful or threatening messages about an individual or company could land you in a lot of trouble.

4) Put the Effort in
Up-keeping your social media channels takes time, and that's okay. It's taken me a year to get to "All-star" on LinkedIn, and I'm still constantly updating it in order to improve my online presence. This is important to do on all of your platforms. Dedicate some time to look through pictures or posts you're tagged in or have uploaded, and decide what is appropriate to keep and what can be deleted. Have a social media clean up. That includes getting rid of friends or followers that might need to go. Take the time and put the effort in to market yourself as best as you can to possible employers.

Lydia Collins
Senior Career Assistant 

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