Thursday, December 17, 2015

Seasonal Jobs & Potential Permanent Positions

It's December and seasonal employment positions seem to be everywhere! Many retail stores are on the hunt in order to find the perfect seasonal employees to help them survive the most wonderful - yet most busy - time of the year. For many, seasonal positions are ideal. It's a chance to get some extra hours over the holidays when money can get tight. But for others, seasonal jobs just don't fit the bill. Perhaps something more permanent is what they had in mind.

If you are hesitant about your seasonal employment opportunity because of a lack of permanency, have no fear! I have come up with a few tips to turn your seasonal employment opportunity into a possible permanent position.

To Infinity & Beyond
Try and view your seasonal position as a permanent one. And if you are interested in a more permanent position within the company, be sure to express this to superiors right from the get-go! It's easy to act indifferent if you think you'll be out of a job in a matter of weeks so try and think beyond the word "seasonal". View the position as one with infinite potential rather than limited potential!

Presence & Productivity
Being present and productive are key when it comes to seasonal opportunities. Being present includes being on time and being aware of what is going on around you. By being present and aware, you will see opportunities for productivity. Use these opportunities to your advantage to not only show that you are a hard-working, capable, and valuable employee, but also to highlight that you have initiative and you are not afraid to use it!

Following & Leading
At any new job, we must shadow more seasoned employees and ask questions in order to learn more about our position. But once comfortable, flex those leadership skills! Take on a project or ask your superiors for opportunities to take on new tasks or be the leader for a particular initiative. Never be afraid to ask for leadership opportunities within your position - it shows that you are not afraid of a challenge which is something all employers love to see in their employees!

If you find out your seasonal position will end soon even after you've done all that you can to make it permanent, keep the below tip in mind:

It's Not You - It's Me...
Remember that many employers might not have the means to keep you given their budget or number of allowable employees after the holiday season ends. But don't take it personally! In that case, it's not that you weren't a good employee, it's simply that they don't have the room for an additional employee. This is by no means a reason to burn bridges and is not necessarily a jab against your skill set or abilities! Always leave seasonal opportunities on a good note because you really never know when an opportunity within the company might come up again. And if you are interested in these opportunities, communicate this to your superiors so they can contact you as opportunities become available.

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Happy Holidays everyone! 

Scarlet Stark
Sr. Career Assistant
Psychology Major 

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