Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quick Overview: College Post Graduate Diplomas VS Masters/ PhD

 We talk a lot about different career paths on this blog, but sometimes we need to refocus on how to get there. You can find the job but what if you don't have the right qualifications? In order to avoid this scenario it is important to work backwards from your dream career to identify the education path you will need in order to obtain that job in the future.

In general: One is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on you, and your life goals.

  • College level post graduate certificates give you practical skills for a particular job, or small sector of jobs. These certificates compliment your undergraduate degree and prepare you for the workforce.
    • Typically 8 months - 1 year
    • Offered in a variety of subjects
    • More focused, practical, and economical
    • Can serve as a bridge to a masters program

  • Masters/ PhD programs vary and are based around research, teaching, and writing. If you are not passionate about those big three things, perhaps a masters/PhD program is not the best fit for your interests.
    • Typically 1-2 years of full time course work
    • Offered in a variety of subjects: Broad career fields
    • Upfront costs are typically much higher than graduate certificates
    • Necessary for certain careers ( Professor, Doctor, etc)

In the job market today, it is becoming more common to need a masters degree to obtain senior management positions, or a college instructor position.  To teach in a university setting, a PhD is almost always required. Researching your chosen career path, along with taking an honest look at the job market demands should help you decide which avenue is right for you.

If you need help deciding on which way to go, please come in to see us! We have college program information, and plenty of MA and PhD information and preparatory books. We would be happy to show you around CareerCruising and help you identify the relevant education needed for your chosen career path!

Becky White
Lead Career Assistant
4th Year  BA Tourism and Environment


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