Friday, April 4, 2014

Making Connections: Networking and the Job Search Process

Networking is a vital component of the job search process. It is about sharing knowledge
and contacts, helping others and building relationships before you need them. Networking
does not mean you need to meet 20 people every week. Instead make it a goal of adding 1
person to your network every week; it is not about the quantity of contacts a person has
but the quality. For this reason it is important that once you add a person to your
network you keep in touch with them periodically. This can be done through social media
(LinkedIn), over the phone, or a face-to-face conservation over coffee. Some places you can build
your network include …

•        Your classes / seminars
•        At work
•        Conferences
•        Volunteer opportunities
•        Online (through sites such as LinkedIn)

Networking on LinkedIn
•Users with complete profiles are 40x more likely to receive opportunities through
•Networking does not mean reaching out to strangers. The best networks begin with those
you know and trust, and then grow based on personal referrals.
•Always customize your connection requests with a friendly note.
•Stay on other people’s radar by updating your LinkedIn status at least once a week.
•Help your connections with their questions, comment on their statuses, or forward job
listings to show your generous side. You will find that your generosity is usually
•Search by similarities (i.e., school, program, concentration) to generate new

While online networking has become more and more popular, it should not replace
face-to-face conversations.

Come stop by the Career Resource Centre in the Learning Commons where we have a variety
of networking resources including LinkedIn tips, accessing the hidden job market and
information interview resources.

Mike Pratas, Career Assistant
2nd Year Political Science

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