Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great Networking Opportunities with 'Ten Thousand Coffees'

A new networking focused website called Ten Thousand Coffees has been brought to our attention and we want Brock University's students to be aware and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! Ten Thousand Coffees targets individuals with all types of interests and career goals with networking opportunities available to students from all academic backgrounds.

As stated on the 'About Us' section of their website:
"We’re a team of young people who believe that the next generation has incredible potential just waiting to be unlocked. The problem? There’s a gap between the leaders of today and the social generation. We built Ten Thousand Coffees to be the solution: to bridge that gap and help people connect in a way that’s never been done before. Business leaders go for coffee all the time, but they’re restricted to their personal networks of friends and family. Ten Thousand Coffees is democratizing the coffee experience by opening it up to youth all over Canada.
Ten Thousand Coffees is the first youth movement of its kind in the world, created by young people for young people. It’s more than just a chat over coffee. It’s a new way for young people to unlock opportunities and share their ideas and for industry leaders to share their experience. We’re connecting students, recent grads, and young professionals with leaders and industry professionals to share insights and spark ideas that will plant the seeds of future opportunities over a cup of coffee."
Create a profile today and gain access to experts in over 21 industries and fields! This website has a ton to offer undergraduate students and new grads who are looking for an opportunity to network with professional, making these industry experts more accessible than they ever had before. 

Stay up to date and find out more information through Ten Thousand Coffees' various social media pages:
Good luck networking! I hope you find this website as interesting as I have!

Ashley Paolozzi, Lead Career Assistant
4th Year History of Art (Honours)  

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