Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something to Consider...

Have you found yourself wondering if Grad school is right for you? Not sure if it's worth the extra time and expense? Well the following website may help you make your decision a lot easier. A company called emailed us the following link called "15 Careers Where Grad Degrees Boost Your Income" .  Now, I am not suggesting that money is everything - you should always do what you love and are passionate about - but, if money is very important to you or you are just wondering if it's worth it to go to grad school, I would suggest checking it out! 

The infographic shows you 15 different careers and compares the potential earnings for those with bachelor degrees vs. graduate degrees - neat! It also shows you the average "lifetime earnings" for each career. itself is a very informative website with some interesting "Top 10 Lists" and articles for you to browse through. Thanks for sending this our way!

Have yourselves a great weekend and don't let the weather get you down - go outside and  play!!

Best Regards,
Jami Coughler, Senior Career Assistant
4th Year Public Health (Honours), BA Sociology (Honours)

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