Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shop for Jobs 2012!

It's that time of year again - time to pay your tuition, time to start thinking about how you're going to make money this year and therefore time to start preparing your career documents to apply... if you haven't already started, that is!

There are a bunch of new listings popping up on our Career Zone, for both on and off campus positions, but you can ALSO check out our annual Shop for Jobs event, which is happening again in just one month! The event is occurring on September 11th from 12-6pm at the Pen Centre. You have exactly 33 days; plenty of time  to get your resume in gear and practice those interview skills!

You can check out our online workshops for resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview skills all on our Career Zone website, under "Workshops" from your dashboard. You can also check the Career Services website for more information on resume writing, interview skills and also for using resources like Interview Stream!

Interview Stream is a really useful program where students can create a free account, and film themselves being "mock interviewed". All you do is login, choose some questions you'd like to be asked, and the program sets up a computerized interviewer who will ask you these questions while you're being filmed. Why is this helpful? Because it forces you to recognize your potentially bad habits that pop up in interviews and elsewhere. You can watch the video back to see if you touch your hair or face a lot, whether you're fidgeting, or maybe to see that you use words like "ummm" or "like" too much! It's always good to self-check and Interview Stream is a really useful way to do that. You can also send in your video to our full-time staff at Career Services where it can be looked over and sent back to you providing further feedback. You might also choose to book a real mock interview with our department before you head to the event by emailing, or even check out some of the Interview resources we have in the Career Resource Centre!

You can also bring your resume and cover letter into the centre and a Career Assistant would be happy to look it over for you! It's a drop in service so you don't have to make an appointment! Come in anytime between 9 and 4pm until August 24th, and then between 9 and 4:30pm starting in September!

Remember: choose the employers you'd like to meet with at the event and tailor your resume to each specific one. Don't just print off 10 copies of the same resume - it's better to apply to less positions and tailor each document to the specific companies than to hand out a bunch and be general. This is because employers want to know that a) you took the time to decide where you'd like to work and why and also b)  what you think qualifies you for their specific position. We can help you with all of this stuff right here in the centre :)

For some other tips and tricks, and a list of the participating employers, check out Jack's Facebook Page to view the event and also check out the Prezi!

Good luck and see you soon!


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